ZO At-Home Retinol Peel


ZO At-Home Retinol Peel

If you are looking for an at home peel, this peel may be exactly what your skin needs. This peel has to be followed with care as there are different levels of intensity. In depth instructions will be provided by your skin care practitioner. There are three different levels of the At-Home Retinol Peel – we will help you determine the appropriate length of time for your skin and go over any questions you might have before starting.

Cost: 20% off – when purchased at consultation

Treatment Details

5 pumps radical night repair
AM/PM for 3 days

5-8 pumps radical night repair
AM/PM for 4 Days

(Should only be done if you have previously done the mild and moderate protocol and it was tolerated well by the skin).
10 pumps radical night repair
AM/PM for 5 Days

If your skin feels too irritated please stop peel and start with your post peel care (either your ZO Hydrating Crème or ZO Renewal Crème)

Do not substitute any of these products. Make sure to follow the protocol accurately. This is a very serious peel and you do not want to be putting other products on your skin at this time.

This protocol is only to be done with the ZO Radical Night Repair 1%. This is a very specific delivery system and doing this protocol with any other retinol can result in damaging the skin.

All products for this peel will be available for purchase at our clinic. When purchased at the time of your consultation, you will receive 20% off these products if purchased in a bundle.

ZO Gentle Cleanser
ZO Exfoliating Polish
ZO CalmingToner
ZO Daily Power Defence
ZO Radical Night Repair
ZO Hydrating Crème or the ZO Renewal Crème

If you have questions about Studio Pure Treatments, book a complimentary consultation with one of our skincare experts.


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